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The DCM Innova strategies are led by an investment team that has honed their investment and research skills over three decades. The team holds Ph.D.’s in Finance and Applied Mathematics and experience investing over multiple market cycles. Innova's investing strategy is driven by research and analysis from Heckman Global Advisors. The investment process combines top-down and bottom-up components and risk management. The Innova team uses a disciplined, systematic investment process that employs multi-factor smart beta approaches to country allocation, sector weightings and stock selection. Some Innova strategies also include innovative, quantitative-driven dividend income generation elements and some have a focus on tax-management. Innova strategies may be managed with or without an ESG overlay via Separately Managed Accounts for Institutional and Private Wealth clients.





Systematic Global Equity


Systematic US Equity




US High Equity Income Innovation


US Tax-Managed High Dividend Low Volatility


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